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All church committee members are recommended by the nominating committee and approved by a vote of the church.  Deacons, church officers, teachers and committee chairs must be members of the church.  


Sandy Carpenter

Sandy is responsible for the general oversight of the
church’s Sunday School program
and provides overall 
direction,  planning, and operation of the church’s Sunday School ministry. 

"Junior Church" Director

Lorraine Miller

Lorraine leads, schedules and

manages and the staff of volunteers who provide alternative and age-appropriate spiritual programming for children and preteens during the Sunday Morning message.

Sunday & Wedesday Evening Childcare

"Adventure Time" Directors: Sunny Gifune & Lorraine Miller

Sunny and Lorriane oversee, administer and coordinate safe, loving care for children to pre-teens during mostly evening church gatherings (every Wednesday evening, every Sunday evening, monthly Friday church business meeting, annual Revival meetings, etc.) 

Sunday Morning

Nursery Coordinators

Kim Hall & Lisa Kirker

Kim & Lisa schedule and provide loving care for infants and toddlers during our Sunday morning churcservice, and they manage the space and materials provided for the children during it.

Youth Group

Our Youth Group leadership team leads our ministry to teens (Wednesday night Youth Group and other outings for teens).   Currently Leonna Brundrett is overseeing the Youth Group

Praise & Worship Music Director: 

Doris Page

Doris coordinates the planning and implementation of a comprehensive music ministry for the congregation and community, 

Keeps the congregation informed about the music needs of people,  that will help the congregation reach these goals and to promote the spiritual life of the congregation and its members through music ministry.

Outreach & Follow-up:


Gene & Vickie West

The Outreach & Follow-up team strives to help the church engage its visitors and members.  Warm welcoming and follow-up and reminder  phone calls are among the activities of this team who seek to ensure that our guests are made comfortable and our regulars and upcoming activities don't get forgotten.


Front row, left to right:

Cindy Priest, Vickie West, Sue Hudar, Tracy Robinson

Back Row, left to right:

Jane Stone, Irma Abare, Vivian Simmons, Peter Strife


Primary Duties: include loading and unloading vans, setting up food for distribution to clients, interacting with clients, and handing food out to clients.  IRBC Food Pantry gives out groceries every week to low-income area residents who 

are hungry and who need help stretching their tight food budgets at home.  The Pantry volunteer provides basic support services, including sorting food, lifting and giving out food boxes, clean up, and other tasks required for 

service to the pantry guests. Special opportunities for translation are needed, especially for Spanish speakers. 

Food Pantry Directors

Karleen & Bob Witham

Food Pantry Staff

Amanda Page

Food Pantry Staff

Nathan Simmons

Food Pantry Staff

Barb & Tony Hartl

Food Pantry Staff

Vivian Simmons

Food Pantry Staff

Tom Page

Food Pantry Staff

Sally & Larry Davis

          Worship Greeters
          Gene & Vickie West 
          Fred Abare 
          Tom Page
          Larry Robinson


    Finance Committee

      Fred Abare (Chairperson)

      Karleen Witham (Asst Treasurer)
      Tracy Robinson
 Gene West
Sandy Carpenter

Nominating Committee

Gene West
Fred Abare
Sandy Carpenter
Doris Page
Tracy Robinson