Velocity's Dungeon 1/10/13 Velocity's Dungeon 1/10/13 Andrew announces our arrival at "The Duuuuuungeon!" 172634689 Andrew cleans his drums for the first time in awhile! 172634690 Andrew happy again after the long disassembly & reassembly process! 172634691 Sound check! 172634692 More sound check! 172634693 Even more sound check! 172634694 Tim getting ready to rock! 172634696 Tim is ready to rock! 172634695 Sound check is complete! 172634697 Carlton Cole & Mark West take the stage 172634698 Carlton Cole & Mark West (aka Carbon Doxology) 172634699 Dangxiety takes the stage! 172634701 Dangxiety blasts "Ain't No Rock!" 172634700 A great audience! 172634702 Dan plays original "Jump for Joy!" 172634703 Rockin' out "Jump for Joy!" 172634704 Still rockin' "Jump for Joy!" 172634705 Technical difficulty: equipment malfunction Dan's new guitar strap wasn't jump-tested! 172634706 Tim funks out original song "Jump for Joy!" 172634707 Andrew, cool and confident! 172634708 Tim looks relieved with just 1 song left to go! 172634709 Finishing the night with original song "Without Faith" 172634710 The event flyer 172636254