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Why Should we be Putting our Sermons Online? 

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Sometimes Life is Unpredictable
For members who couldn’t make the service due to illness — or would just like to listen again.

 Sometimes we are out of town or maybe just couldn’t get the kids ready for church. But, that doesn’t mean that we have to miss the sermon on Sunday. We can listen  on Monday (or even a month later).  You can listen to them whenever and wherever you’re able.  

If you are a new visitor listen to past sermons and understand the context of the sermon which  will help you encounter your first physical visit.  

Even if they’re still relevant today, older messages can be easily forgotten. And sometimes they are just hard to remember after a while.  A great message you remember from last year, a past Christmas-Eve sermon your mom liked from 3 years ago, or just last week’s dedications. They’re all there. Permanent and easily accessible to everyone.