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We invite you 

to become a part of our 

growing Ministry

Church is much more than a Sunday morning experience.  Join a Ministry to really get to know your Church family, and to make serving the Lord a bigger part of your everyday life.  God has equipped each of us with talents and gifts that He wants to use to expand His kingdom.  Find out how you can be a blessing to your church and your church community.

    Indian River Baptist Church offers a wide range of ministries for each family member to get connected and grow closer to God.  We encourage you to get involved.

    If there are areas / departments / ministries / committees listed below that you feel the Lord might be leading you to serve in our church or any areas not listed please indicate your interest to become involved.

View Ministries

AWANNA                                                                Nursery (Child Care)

Bible Study                                                            Outreach, Visitation, fellowship

Choir                                                                      Prayer Chain

Cleaning Church                                                    Prayer Meetings

Counseling                                                            Preaching

Deacons                                                                Publications (bulletins, flyers, forms, etc.)

Finances (Count/track money)                              Secretarial (Administrative)

Food Pantry                                                          Sunday School

Greeters / Ushers                                                  Trustees (buildings & Grounds

Hospitality Committee                                           Vacation Bible School

Junior Church                                                       Website

Ladies Bible Study                                               WMU (Womens Missionary Union)

Media (overhead projection / Sound Booth)        Youth

Music (instruments, special music, sound system